Bluehost Review (2020): Is It Worth Hosting With?

So if you have ever been exposed to web hosting services you might have heard or come across Bluehost or Bluehost Review.

Bluehost is very popular in web hosting and shared hosting services because of its industrial leading technology and long run.

But as far as hosting is concerned, fame and long run doesn’t necessarily mean anything especially when they’re several of its competitors in the space.

Bluehost Review

Therefore need arises to Review Bluehost whether it worth hosting with or not.


Bottom Line: Our final verdict about Bluehost Review is that Bluehost is actually worth hosting with. You can check them out here.


Bluehost is one of the oldest Hosting Provider that was Established back in the year 1996 by Matt Heaton. Though it has become one of the famous and well known WordPress Shared Hosting Provider as it is recommended by itself.

Having Hosted more than 2 million accounts, there should be definitely a hidden fact about Bluehost.


When its comes to performance, the most important thing is to note the Hosting Providers’ speed.

Because Google have given more emphasises to website speed and tend to rank those sites with higher speed.

Note: The standard load time of a good website should be around 1 – 3 seconds on average as said by Google.

By considerable amount of data being tested by another testing website of ours which is hosted on Bluehost; here are the results gotten.

Blogtitude Review

From the result we can see that the average load time was 1.88 seconds and the page size was 879.34kB.

From this result we can said that the load speed is on average of the recommended speed by Google.


Basically, if you have a website and a visitor tries to visit your website which is down at that time then its will definitely increases your bounced rate.

Because you host a website in order to have it live and not down, so uptime is actually one of the important things you should take into consideration.

Bluehost guarantee their costumer’s with up to 99.98% of uptime which I guess is more than enough for average usage.

Bluehost completely blow my mind having no downtime for complete 60 days of website test. I link the YouTube video down below if you may like to check it out.


When its comes to web hosting, you must definitely have one question in mind and that is how reliable the hosting is.

So is Bluehost reliable?

My answer about reliability Bluehost Review is definitely yes because when its comes to reliability; Bluehost has been running for a long time and they have one of the industry leading technology with some awesome feature’s that all comes with cheapest rates too. You can check them out from the slider below and I also leave a link here if you may want to check them out from Bluehost website.

Sincerely speaking Bluehost is reliable because they also have 30 days money-back guarantee which makes them great.


Basically, Bluehost offers a range of costumer support’s which ranges from live chats, tickets to phone calls in which there costumers will discuss there problems that they encountered.

Though I said I should give them a try whether they are nice guys and can solve my problems as fast as possible and they turn out to be great in their costumer support service which also comes freely.

Bluehost Review

Overall there costumer’s support service is one of the best I ever had.


With all the awesome cool tech features that Bluehost offers, there starting price tag is one of the best in the industry.

Bluehost Review

There basic plan cost $2.75 dollars a month, for there plus plan it cost about $4.95 dollars and the choice plus cost only $5.45 dollars, which for me is okay for what you get…


Bluehost offers a range of hosting plans which one of them is shared hosting plan that also comes at different categories.

Bluehost shared hosting plan has the basic plan, plus plan and choice plus plan.

Bluehost plans compared:

Features:BasicPlusChoice Plus
No. of websitesOneUnlimitedUnlimited
Price Tag$2.75$4.95$5.45
Website Storage50GBUnmetered (50GB+)Unmetered (50GB+)
SSL CertificateFreeFreeFree
Email Accounts5Unlimited Unlimited
Recommended For:BeginnersMediumExperts
Access LinkBluehostBluehostBluehost

Overall I recommend choosing the basic plan and can upgrade when ever you feel like or you can just jump straight to the plus plans if you want the cool features of them.


Bluehost has positive Pros Features but that doesn’t guarantee that there are no Cons Features of it as well.

So here are the Pros Features of Bluehost:

  1. Bluehost has 99.98% uptime guarantee
  2. They offers all there costumers with free SSL certificate no matter which plan they chooses.
  3. It has a speed of 1.88 seconds on average which super pass the Google recommended speed.
  4. It has variety of website builders and apps some of which include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
  5. It is officially recommended by the Community.
  6. It has hosted more than 2 million accounts so thumbs up for that.
  7. Low entry price for beginners.
  8. Easy to use integrations for beginners.
  9. User Friendly costumer supports.

Here are the Cons Features of Bluehost:

  1. Increase on renewals which is all common by the hosting providers. I leave a link here to check out Bluehost renewal rates.
  2. Charges on site migrations.
  3. Month to Month Shared Hosting Plan not available.


After reading this Bluehost Review you might be wondering if Bluehost is the right choice for your website but bet me you won’t go wrong with it either because its has all the cool features that you need for your website plus more for a cheaper rates.

So my final thought about Bluehost is that its really worth hosting with especially when it is officially recommended by

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      Actually you can. But depending on the hosting plan you choose. I recommend choosing plus plan on Bluehost if you are planing to host more than one website.

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