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Greatings to the world and everyone that takes their precious time on reading our blog. I am really grateful and happy to tell you about us and also introduce myself.

My name is Saeedu Muhammad: the CEO and creator of Blogtitude. Blogtitude.com is a great place where me, my sister and my friend share WordPress related article, guide, tutorial and much more! For all WordPress beginners and intermediates to exploit more about WordPress.

I give thanks to my blood sister who has help me in building this blog and contribute greatly to the success of this blog. Her name is Aisha Muhammad. She really likes to read article and also blog a lot too.

To also my childhood friend that also contribute towards the achievement of the blog. His name is Mubarak Farina Wata. What I really like about him is that he is always dedicated to complete his goal. He also likes blogging a lot.

This website was started in the late January, 2020 with the intension of simplifying WordPress to all the beginners and advance learners.

About The Contributors

This are the Contributors in this blog that you might have seen writing in here.

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About Us



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