Best WordPress Hosting In 2020: Top 4 Shared Hosting Compared

Want the best WordPress Hosting for your new website?

There are many WordPress shared hosting provider out there to choose from and you will definitely want to choose the best one for your website. Am I right?

To choose the best WordPress Hosting there are many things to consider ranging from uptime, speed, customer support and also pricing.

So we come up with this post to help you choose the best WordPress Hosting in 2020 for blazing speed and performance completely for beginners and advance users.

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Best WordPress Hosting

Now let’s get going.

Why Uptime is So Important?

Uptime is actually when a visitor is able to access your website or its contents. In a simple word, when your visitor is able to view your website then your website is up. But when you or your visitors are not able to access your website then your site is down which is also referred to as downtime.

It is often common among different web hosting companies that their web server may be down and you or your visitors will not be able to access your site till the problem is being fixed. Some even go above 14 hours of downtime for just 60 days while others may be under an hour or few minutes even.

Best WordPress Hosting

But why is my website uptime so important?

Well, is because when your website is down your visitors will just bounce back to your competitors website and view its content. And all the time and your good effort of generating the traffic is just a waste since they can’t visit your site.

Why Speed is So Important

Speed is the total time taken for a website to load. Bear in mind that your website speed is not only affected by WordPress Hosting provider you used but also the type of WordPress theme and the number of plugins you have on your website. We provide you with the fastest WordPress themes to use in 2020.

Best WordPress Hosting

Also speed affects user experience, when your website loads like a snail then your web visitor will not think twice to leave your site and go to your competitors’. To have a blazing speed on your website you will need to choose the best Hosting provider for your site.

Why Customer Support is Important?

As time goes on when setting your website up, you might need help with Hosting related problems that only your web hosting provider can offers.

Like a scenario when your website runs blank in the back end and you can’t set anything up then your host provider might offers help to you when you contact them.

Best WordPress Hosting

That’s why customer support is so important since they can offer you a help when you really need them urgently.

Top 4 Best Shared WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a popular website builder use by most of the users in the internet. They power around 33% of the website in the globe. I see no reason why you shouldn’t try out WordPress in your website, if you are ready then checkout how to install WordPress to your site to get started.

But before that you really need a good WordPress Hosting provider so as to run your website business smoothly. Without saying much let’s get into it:

1. Siteground – Solid WordPress Hosting

  • Uptime: 99.98%
  • Load Time: 1.87 secs
  • Website:
  • Features: Free SSL, One click WordPress Install, Daily Backup, 30 days Money Back Guarantee, 24/7 Live Support.
  • Starting Price: $3.95

Siteground is the solid WordPress Hosting to go with if you really need the best performance out of your WordPress site. They provide you with their performance based WordPress Hosting for high speed on your site.

Siteground is well known in the web hosting industry and have being reviewed by WordPress professionals and other website expert positively.

This WordPress host provider is simple to use and offers easy WordPress installation for all the beginners and the intermediate. It is also easy to integrate with FTP network or other third party network you used in building up your site.

Best WordPress Hosting

Siteground is really a popular WordPress Hosting and has powered more than 2 million domains. Besides they also have free customer support 24/7, free SSL, free daily Backups and a tone of more futures included to manage your website.

Speed, Uptime And Pricing

Siteground loads on average of around 1.87 secs during the 60 days best WordPress Hosting test and has a downtime of 26 minutes which is making an average of 99.98% uptime.

Best WordPress Hosting
Best WordPress Hosting

At a base price of $3.95 per month you will get 10GB of SSD storage plus daily backup, you can go with the GrowBig plan which cost $5.95 per month with 20GB of SSD storage or the GoGeek plan that cost $11.95 per month with 40GB of SSD storage.

Best WordPress Hosting

Siteground is the recommended WordPress host by Darrel Wilson and most of the other popular WordPress tutor.

2. Namehero – Freaky Fast WordPress Hosting

  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Load Time: 1.19 secs
  • Website:
  • Features: Free SSL, One click WordPress Install, Free Website Migration, Daily Backup, 24/7 Live Support.
  • Starting Price: $4.30

Namehero offers freaky fast performance and speed to keep your WordPress site fast and also secured. They also offers free website migration, free SSL, daily backup and also 24/7 support to their customers.

Namehero is cloud based WordPress Hosting with hyper fast performance and cheap pricing compare to it’s competitors. Though they are not that popular but they’re worth trying out.

Namehero has inbuilt free litspeed caching, free cloudflare, cpanel and cloudlinux operating system, advance firewall, and much more.

Best WordPress Hosting

With Namehero, you don’t need to worry about your site going down because they provide you with up to 99.99% uptime guarantee. You can also contact their support team for any query that may be encountered.

Speed, Uptime And Pricing

Namehero is really fast because it’s break the record by loading in just 1.19 seconds on average for 60 days and with 4 minutes of down time which makes a total of 99.99% uptime.

Best WordPress Hosting
Best WordPress Hosting

The price tag for each categories differs from what you get, you can see more detail explanation in the pricing section of their website. Though the starting price is $4.30 per month but you can get 70% off by using “darrelhosting” as coupon in the checkout instead of the regular 52%.

Best WordPress Hosting

The coupon may expire soon, so get it as fast as possible if you want to host with them.

3. FastComet – Recommended WordPress Hosting For Beginners

  • Uptime: 99.69%
  • Load Time: 2.24 secs
  • Website:
  • Features: Free SSL, Free Website Transfer, Unlimited sub-domain, Daily Backup, 24/7 Live Support.
  • Starting Price: $2.95

Fastcomet is the beginners choice of hosting. When you are starting out with your online business, you don’t actually need all the expensive web hosting out there to start with.

You can always start from cheap web hosting and upgrade later as your business grows. And this is where Fastcomet fits in, despite being cheap they also offers good performance that can fully maximize your site needs.

To start with, they through in 15GB of SSD storage at the base price, plus free 350+ template, free SSL, unlimited sub-domain, unlimited email accounts and other essential futures that are necessary in building up your WordPress website and business as well.

Best WordPress Hosting

Fastcomet also offers free 24/7 live chat or phone call support to help you solve your issues that you might face in the future.

Speed, Uptime And Pricing

For a whole 60 days, fastcomet has an average load time of 2.24 seconds and a down time of 31 minutes which make a total of 99.69% uptime. Great result for the lower price!!!

Best WordPress Hosting
Best WordPress Hosting

At a base price of $2.95 per month, you will have a 15GB of SSD storage. Choosing the FastCloud plus which is $4.45 per month you will have a 25GB of SSD storage or the FastCloud Extra which cost $5.95 per month you will have a 35GB of SSD storage.

You can get more discount (75% off) by using “HATHOT75” at the checkout instead of the regular coupon code.

Best WordPress Hosting

The coupon provided above isn’t lifetime guarantee and may expire soon. You can use it as long as it’s still valid.

4. Bluehost – Recommended WordPress Hosting

  • Uptime: 99.97%
  • Load Time: 3.78 secs
  • Website:
  • Features: Free SSL, Free Domain Registration fo the 1st year, Daily Backup, 24/7 Live Support.
  • Starting Price: $3.95

Bluehost is one of the popular WordPress Hosting in the WordPress community. It is the recommended hosting by and has powered more than 2 million trusted domains.

Bluehost offers free SSL, free domain name for the 1st year, free website transfer and more useful futures for your WordPress site.

Bluehost is own and managed by the EIG company. They have 24/7 live chat and phone call support to help you out when you encounter any hosting related problems.

Best WordPress Hosting

Bluehost have 50GB of SSD storage included in the base plan plus free domain name for the 1st year only.

Speed, Uptime And Pricing

Bluehost has a load time of 3.78 seconds on average in the 60 days best WordPress Hosting test and a down time of 34 minutes which sum up to a total of 99.97% uptime.

Best WordPress Hosting
Best WordPress Hosting

At a starting price of $3.95, Bluehost packs in 50GB SSD storage and changes with plan variation. You can select the plan that best fits your need in the pricing section.

Best WordPress Hosting

The top end plan includes more futures.

Quick Summary Of The Best WordPress Hosting

Looking for a short summary of the best WordPress Hosting?

Then you have it below:

  • Siteground: is the best WordPress Hosting to with if you are looking forward for a performance based site.
  • Namehero: is the cheapest cloud base WordPress Hosting for freaky fast site. You can use “darrelhosting” at checkout to get 70% off.
  • Fastcomet: is the cheapest WordPress Shared Hosting for beginners. You can use “HAHOT75” at checkout for 75% off.
  • Bluehost: is the recommended host by for more than 3 years. There customer support is also great in the industry.

There you have the quick summary of the best WordPress Hosting to choose for your website.


That are the Best WordPress Shared Hosting. I hope I really help you to make a nice choice choosing one. Please don’t forget to leave all your queries in the comment section below and also do follow us on social media. Peace!!!

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