Are you stuck trying to install wordpress on your website? Don’t worry because i am going to sure you exactly how to fixed your problem in this tutorial. 

In case if you have not know , there are different method in which you can use to install wordpress on your website of which I will explain four of them for the sake of this tutorial.

WordPress is really a powerful tools used for building up a website both for beginners and advance users.  Also to mention wordpress is one of the popular tools for website development powering up to 33% of websites in the internet.

Our aim in this tutorial is to teach wordpress  beginners the various methods of installing wordpress on their websites. If you are just starting out I recommend reading from the top to the bottom so as to learning the various method used in installing wordpress.

  • How to Install WordPress with Softaculous and cPanel
  • How to Install WordPress via FTP
  • How to Install WordPress Manually on your Computer
  • Host with plans that has WordPress pre-installed

How to install WordPress with Softaculous and cPanel

Cpanel is one of the basic things that most hosting companies offers to their customers so that they can have the ability to customize their hosting account. Hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, Namecheap, Siteground comes with cPanel. It looks like this:

namecheap cpanel

On the other hand Softaculous is auto-installer script that allows you to install popular web applications like WordPress, DrupalJoomla etc. It looks something like this:

No matter the hosting provider you are using there is always cPanel or something similar to it and auto-installer scripts like Softaculous, Fantastico, QuickInstall and Mojo Marketplace. 

Though there are different methods in which you can access your cPanel depending on your hosting provider guide to access it. So all you need to do is to login to your cPanel and under it you can access your auto-installer (Softaculous) then click on WordPress.

WordPress Installer

After clicking on WordPress you will be navigated to the WordPress overview interface in which you can click on the install button to install your WordPress though the interface looks something similar to this:

WordPress Installation

Upon clicking the “Install” you will be automatically redirected to the dashboard in which you can have access to manipulate your WordPress site settings.

Under the Software Setup you can choose the WordPress Version you want to install. But i recommend choosing the updated version so that your website should always have access to updated features in WordPress. 

The next thing you will see again is your domain settings where you can setup your domain directory. So all you need to do is to choose “https://” or “https://www.” if your site has SSL security enabled in the protocol under installation URL. After which you can choose your primary domain from the domain list and leave the directory empty so that WordPress can be installed in the default installation path.

WordPress Installation Wizard

Underneath it you will see site settings in which you can manipulate your “Site Name” and “Site Description”.

Scrolling down will take you to “Admin Account” section in which you can manipulate your Admin Username, Password and Email. Make sure that the Username, Password and Email you choose is not guessable by random person so as to secure your website, because you will use them to login to your website later. You can also choose English as your default language.

WordPress Install Wizard

After that you can access your plugin section in which you can select the plugins type you wish to install in your website. Don’t worry you can still manipulate those changes later in the WordPress dashboard.

Whoop…. you are almost done. You just need to select the WordPress theme you want to install and then click on the “Install” button in the bottom .

WordPress Theme

The Installation will start running in the background after which the congratulation message popup and a link to your WordPress dashboard.

Note: Use the Username and Password set earlier on to login to your dashboard.

Big Congrat…….. You have just install WordPress to your website.


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