How To Install WordPress Themes Easily: Beginners Guide In 2020

Want to install WordPress themes on your website?

After you have learn how to play around with WordPress you will definitely want to install the best WordPress theme that suite your need in which I am going to show you how today.

I always recommend to keep speed as important factor when choosing your WordPress theme that fits your niche so as to rank higher on search engines. I also revealed the fattest themes to checkout for a faster website and to increase your user experience.

We will share with you in this post beginners guide on how to install WordPress themes using four different methods. You can always choose out the method you think works best for you.

You can use this quick navigation to move to the appropriate sections:

Now let’s proceed.

Install WordPress Theme

Install WordPress Theme From The Directory

To install free WordPress theme from WordPress Theme Directory you will need to login to your admin dashboard and head over to Appearance >> Themes.

You will see all your current themes listed in their. Proceed by clicking the “Add New” button at the top.

Install WordPress Theme

In the next screen you will see a list of WordPress themes to choose from each grouped to Featured, Popular, Latest, Favorite and Feature Filter.

Choose the one that best fits your need or use search from the list using the search toggle at the top.

Install WordPress Theme

In this case I like to tryout Neve. You can choose any other one since is all similar steps to each other. These are the three amazing themes on our score grading – Astra, Divi and Total Responsive Theme.

Install WordPress Theme

So after getting the right theme for your website you will click on the “Install” to start the installation process.

Install WordPress Theme

Once its successfully installed, you will be able to activate or live preview the WordPress theme.

Just click on the “Activate” button to finish up the installation process.

Install WordPress Theme

Now you have successful installed and activate your desired WordPress theme. Is now depending on the type of WordPress theme you used.

Some might asked you to import a demo content, install a required plugins or make some few tweaks.

You will found all the instructions in the next screen which is your WordPress theme directory.

Install WordPress Theme

At this point you have installed a theme but let me work you through a few steps of importing the demo content.

From the top of the WordPress Theme screen, if you are using Neve you see a button “Try one of our ready to use Starter Sites”, click on it.

Install WordPress Theme

Select your desired demo and theme builder in the next screen and click on the “Import” button.

Install WordPress Theme

Pop should appear, click on all the content you are asked to import and proceed to import the demo content.

Wait for it to be imported and a success message should appear upon importing the content.

Install WordPress Theme

You are done importing the content. Either view your website or start to add your own content to it.

That’s how to install WordPress theme from the WordPress theme directory. Now let’s proceed to the next method if this doesn’t work for you.

Install WordPress Theme By Uploading

Premium WordPress themes can be installed by uploading them to your admin dashboard. The method mention above limits to only the free themes that can be found in the WordPress Theme Directory.

So to install premium themes like Elegant Theme, Total Responsive Theme, Flatsome Theme, etc you will like to use this method which is more convenient.

Now download the premium theme to your computer which should be in a zip format and login to your WordPress dashboard.

Navigate to Appearance >> Themes and click on the “Add New” to upload your WordPress theme.

Install WordPress Theme

In the next screen you will see a “Upload Theme” button from the top of the page.

You should click on that to be able to upload your theme.

Install WordPress Theme

Now choose the WordPress theme you stored to your computer in zip format by clicking the “Choose File” toggle.

I am going to choose illdy theme as an example.

Install WordPress Theme

After successfully chosen your desired theme, click on the “Install Now” button to begin the installation process.

Install WordPress Theme

You can now see a link to activate the theme along with the live preview options. Go ahead and click on “Activate”.

Install WordPress Theme

You have successfully installed and activate WordPress theme by uploading.

Install WordPress Theme

Continue from here and do the other things required by the theme customization like importing the demo content and activating the required plugins.

Now let’s proceed to the next method.

Install WordPress Theme From cPanel File Manager

You can install WordPress theme by using cPanel file manager or any other web hosting file manager that you have.

To do that you will need to access your file manager by logging to your (either cPanel or web hosting) account and find the file manager that you are provide with.

Now go to your WordPress theme folder from your cPanel or your web host account File Manager. Then go to public_html/wp-content/themes/ or if you have any addons domain.

Proceed by clicking the “Upload” toggle at the top of the file manager.

Install WordPress Theme

Now you can select the theme that you want to install from your computer (inform of zip format).

Wait for the WordPress theme to be fully uploaded before going back to the theme folder.

Install WordPress Theme

Now unzip the zip files by selecting it and clicking on the “Extract” toggle from the top of the file manager.

Install WordPress Theme

Pop-up should display asking you a location where you wish to extract the WordPress theme files and folders.

Leave it as it’s default and click on the “Extract Files”.

Install WordPress Theme

You should be able to see the extracted folder. Continue to delete the zip file to save storage.

Install WordPress Theme

Select the zip file of your WordPress theme that you uploaded earlier and click on the “Delete” toggle at the top of the file manager.

Install WordPress Theme

Delete the WordPress theme zip file permanently by confirming to delete the file permanently.

Install WordPress Theme

Go back to your WordPress Admin dashboard to activate the theme and customize other settings.

Head over to Appearance >> Themes and click on the “Activate” button to the theme you uploaded earlier from your file manager.

Install WordPress Theme

You have now successfully installed and activate the theme. Set up other settings as theme per required.

Let’s proceed to the next method.

Install WordPress Theme Via FTP

Installing WordPress theme via FTP network is possible but only recommended for advance users only. If you are starting out you can use one of the three methods mention above.

But if you want to proceed then follow the steps below to install WordPress theme with FTP network.

You should connect your website web hosting account to a FTP client and learn how to upload file using FTP.

Download a WordPress theme in zip format, you can use Astra for example and unzip the folder to your computer.

Then connect to your FTP client account and upload the theme folder to public_html/wp-content/themes/.

Afterwards, login to your WordPress dashboard then go to Appearance >> Themes and check to find the theme you have upload from FTP client.

Install WordPress Theme

Now you can activate it by clicking the “Activate” button. The WordPress theme should now be active.

Install WordPress Theme

Do the rest of the customizations like importing the demo content and the required plugins.

You have now successfully installed WordPress theme via FTP network.

Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Choose The Best WordPress Theme

Choosing the best WordPress theme for your website really depends on your decision. But I do recommend to choose a theme that is optimized for speed, performance, seo and keep it minimalist to increase the load time. We have revealed the fastest WordPress theme in here.

What Are The Popular Themes on WordPress

Some of the popular themes on WordPress includes Astra Theme, Elegant Theme, Avada Theme, Enfold Theme, Flatsome Theme, OceanWP Theme and many others.

How To Install WordPress Theme In cPanel

Installing WordPress on cPanel is super easy, all you need to do is to follow the guide mention in here.

How To Install WordPress Theme Manually Via FTP

To install WordPress manually to your website using FTP network follow the step by step guide in here.


That’s it. I hope you have successfully installed your desired WordPress Theme to your website. If you have any queries definitely drop them in the comment section below and do follow us on social media. Peace!!!

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